Browbar Maastricht


Identity created for a new browbar in Maastricht. The iconography is based on retro pop-art that reflect back to the owner. Happy Brows gets your brows in perfect shape through waxing, tweezing and tining in a nice and cosy salon.

Project designed by KACE

In order to emphasise the retro pop-art style we chose a basic serif font that looks similar to the font of a typewriter. It is a revival inspired by Francesco Griffo for the Venetian printer Aldus Manutius at the end of the fifteenth century.


We used retro text balloons for the quotes. Be sure to get your brows on fleek.

Our Happy Brows package included the creation of business cards, bags, gift cards, an invoice booklet, stickers, a price list and some extra’s for the interior of the salon. The final results are amazing.


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