Leeuwenborgh & Arcus college


Het Techniekcollege, the technical school in the South Limburg region where customization is offered to technical talent. The student is the center of this all. With this mission in mind, ROC’s Leeuwenborgh and Arcus College are bundling their strength through intensive collaborating to secure the quality and diversity of the different courses. 

Technology is all around us, Technology is life, living in a continuous renewal as sustainable as possible.


Project designed by KACE


Because of the simplicity, the logo is sustainable and powerful. The logo is futureproofed, while the visual materials around the identity can gradually change with time. The logo is made up of a clear and tight typography with light curves. The circle functions as a fixed graphic element.


In a literal and figurative sense, is the student the center of het Techniekcollege, circled by both parent companies. Everything revolves around the student who is also in the center of the innovative world of technology. The student is ultimately also the connection with the future.

In this way, the Techniekcollege ensures an optimal context around the pupil. A circle with the student in the center represents the role of het Techniekollege in relation to the pupil. The circle also stands for a process of continual renewal analogous to that of the innovative world of technology. In some cases, the circle can also be used as a wheel and show dynamic and movement. The circle, through its organic form, makes a connection between nature, technology and people.


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