Object Love

In the publication and the exhibition Object Love, Museum de Domijnen Hedendaagse Kunst, curator and author Anne Berk investigates our intimate, emotional relationship with things. Due to the development of technology and the democratization of consumption, the number of things has exploded. We live in a man-made biotope. The average European possesses 10,000 things. And things are getting smarter. Why do we love things? What are the consequences of our Object Love for the planet?


            Project designed by KACE, in association with De Domijnen [en] In order to do justice to the beautiful works of art, we have chosen a certain layout that can be used on every page throughout the book. The typography indents at two distances, it is now much easier to read instead of all the rags of text.

     The average European owns 10,000 things.

     The book is contains three colours; black, white and yellow-green. The colours are calm and therefore do not influence the pieces of art. Furthermore, the recognizable “Object-Love” logo can be found on every page.

In every relationship, there are two players, person and thing.


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