United World College Maastricht

At KACE, we are privileged to engage in a dynamic and multifaceted partnership with UWC Maastricht, a client whose commitment to sustainability and inclusivity mirrors our own values. Our collaboration spans a wide range of projects, from crafting invitations and brochures to designing impactful infographics and comprehensive annual reports.

UWC Maastricht stands out not just as a client but as a beacon of progressive values, particularly in their approach to environmental responsibility and their dedication to fostering an inclusive community. This alignment in principles fuels our creativity and inspires a deeper level of innovation in every project we undertake for them, ensuring that each piece not only communicates effectively but also embodies the ideals we both strive to uphold.


            Project created by KACE [en] At KACE, we believe in visualizing impact. This credo came to life when UWC Maastricht approached us with the task of designing a ‘sustainable’ brochure to support their fundraising efforts. Our goal was not only to share the general profile of UWC Maastricht but also to highlight the dynamics behind their fundraising and the specific projects that need support.

     In our quest for a design that was both clear and concise, to quickly capture the recipient’s attention, we opted for a creative and innovative approach: instead of a traditional brochure, we developed a pop-up box. This box, filled with various removable information cards, allows for easy updating of information, contributing to the sustainability of the materials. Additionally, this format is extremely practical for shipping.

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